Vendors Present & Past


This is a list of our amazing 2017 artisans and vintage suppliers at this year's Time Travelers' Bazaar!  Each artisan and vintage supplier is carefully hand-selected and juried to bring you a wide range of unique garments and accessories just waiting for you! 

Our wonderful returning vendors, who always please:
Second Chance Hats - Wonderful vintage & antique hats, clothing and accessories for men and women
Smart Tart Designs - Sassy hats, feathery finer & superfine baubles
KWest Costume Art - Excellent handmade leather masks, belts, pouches & other accessories
My Tell-Tale Heart Designs - Unique clothing, costumes, accessories (Geek, Celtic, Victorian & Steampunk) for women, men & babies
Through the Clockwork Door Jewelry - History- and fantasy-inspired handmade jewelry
The Slug and Kraken - Stunning ocean-inspired handmade jewelry
Carolyn Bruce Designs - Steampunk wearable art & parts & findings to make your own
Divaukas Design - Playful, exquisite and magical handmade jewelry & accessories
Monika's Costume Emporium - Imaginative, lovely handmade wings for all ages
Iva's Green Art - Quality handmade garments, handwarmers, hats & accessories from repurposed materials, for women & men
Bits and Keys - Jewelry made from upcycled bits and pieces etc
Dark Anachronisms - Hats & Accessories- hats, fascinators, jewelry and other accessories
Alkymiya Gallery - Wearable jewelry works of art with a strong Victorian & steampunk aesthetic
Fiddle Earth Designs - Exquisite chainmail & wire jewelry and hand-felted figures
Vintage View Atelier - Alternative and history-inspired costume pieces 
Faye: The Art of Melissa Mary Duncan (Guest Artist & creator of our banner artwork)

And our new vendors joining us this year!

P.R. McIntosh - Maker of 19th century menswear - ties, cravats, waistcoats, caps, walkingsticks, coats, & more
Ragnar the Trader - Viking & Norse jewelry, leather accessories and drinking horns and more
Dropping Form Designs - Steampunk-, Victorian-, and Edwardian-inspired hats, corsets, chokers, bustles & mor, for men and women
Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium & ReT Upcycled Goodies - jewelry, walking staffs, and upcycled/recycled pixie sweater- coats
Mythmoon Creations - Beautifully chain mail jewelry 
Cads & Dandies - Upcycled and rejuvenated gentlemen's waistcoats etc.

Time Travelers' Bazaar 2016
Second Chance Hats
KWest Costume Art
Through the Clockwork Door Jewelry
Carolyn Bruce Design
My Tell-Tale Heart
Smart Tart Designs
Dark Anachronisms
Professor Whovianart Creations
Bits & Keys
Tricia & Spouse
The Slug & Kraken
Remix’d Vintage
The Wizards Makery
FiddleEarth Designs
Monika’s Costume Emporium
Faye: The Art of Melissa Mary Duncan
Miss V Costumery & Adornments
Maharani Mehendi
T & A Variety Shop
Kali Bags & Accoutrements
Diva's Niche
Fascination Creations
Divaukas Design
Bat-Fish Studio
Zigante Design
Karin Edberg-Lee
Velveteen Vintage
Iva’s Green Art
Art of Adornment
Fierra & Anabiel
Vintage View Atelier
Alkymiya Gallery

Time Travelers’ Bazaar 2015 – Vendors

Faye - The Art of Melissa Mary Duncan - Our Guest Artist, who designed our banner.

The Painted Cookie & Carolyn Bruce Designs

SmartTart Designs 

Through the Clockwork Door 

Drafted Eminence 

Second Chance Hats
Celtic Daughters Artisans

Professor Whovianart Creations

Dark Anachronisms

K-West Costume Art 

Bits & Keys 


Donna's Enwraptured Designs  

Tricia & Spouse  

Lace Embrace Atelier & Scout Boutique

Blu Pixie

The Wizards Makery

Raphaella's Dressmaking & Alternations

Red Hot Ginger

Be Eye Candy

The Slug & Kraken

Guild of Thing Smiths 

Monika So of Monika's Costumes

Miss V's Costumes & Adornments

Remixd Collectibles

Time Travelers’ Bazaar 2013 & 2014 - Vendors

The Painted Cookie & Carolyn Bruce Designs (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

SmartTart Designs (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Crafted Revelry  (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Through the Clockwork Door (Also a vendor in 2013) Professor Whovianart Creations (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Drafted Eminence (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Arafel Designs (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Scry (Whom we were very sad to see move far away from British Columbia this year!)

Celtic Daughters Artisans (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Cara's Custom Creations (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Second Chance Hats  (Also a vendor in 2013, our 1st year)

Dark Anachronisms 

Bits & Keys

Donna's Enwraptured Designs

K-West Leathercrafts


Eddie's Fabrics


Metal Chic Jewelry

Sweets Parade

Paper Plums